Aug 20, 2009

raja bersiong's descendant

this is not raja bersiong...this is vampire...but it is more or less the same tho..huhu

ok..u know u guy's gonna freak out...

but what the hell...have to put it up tho..

well..that is just the synopsis..but the thing is that this story is true!

here's the whole story... just now i was having my late lunch with my grandmother on my mom's side.. she's currently staying with my auntie in selayang, selangor.. i already heard it from my uncle bout this..but i couldnt believe him...he likes to tell bs to people..huhuhu..

so i asked my grandmom that is it true..she said yes! huhuhu..... well...dun worry..non of my family eat human..or anything...that is just nuts!! huhuhu..but i do like to eat raw stuffs...sushi!!!

even though 'raja bersiong' can be classified as creepy or dreadful or etc..etc... im just happy i have a royal blood inside me...end of story... thanx for reading this crap anyways...