Aug 20, 2009

raja bersiong's descendant

this is not raja bersiong...this is vampire...but it is more or less the same tho..huhu

ok..u know u guy's gonna freak out...

but what the hell...have to put it up tho..

well..that is just the synopsis..but the thing is that this story is true!

here's the whole story... just now i was having my late lunch with my grandmother on my mom's side.. she's currently staying with my auntie in selayang, selangor.. i already heard it from my uncle bout this..but i couldnt believe him...he likes to tell bs to people..huhuhu..

so i asked my grandmom that is it true..she said yes! huhuhu..... well...dun worry..non of my family eat human..or anything...that is just nuts!! huhuhu..but i do like to eat raw stuffs...sushi!!!

even though 'raja bersiong' can be classified as creepy or dreadful or etc..etc... im just happy i have a royal blood inside me...end of story... thanx for reading this crap anyways...

Aug 19, 2009

why this blog is in english?? n sum nonsense afterwards

i know there's people out there asking why the hell i make this blog almost fully in English. i also know some of them think negatively of it.. i dont like to point out who but u know who u r...screw u...

i dont use high-level language that means that im not really good in english..
i sometimes have grammatical mistakes which really makes me not good in english...
im a malay...'why this blog is in english?? such a show off!!'huhuhuhu

well, there r tonnes of reasons why it's in english..but i just want to point out some..

i have friends who couldnt understand make it easier for everyone to read... english is the best way to tell my friends about what ive been trough..huhu

there's also some japanese language i put here too bcoz im self studying the language currently.. if people wanna say bad bout this..screw them too as this is my pleasure to learn new languages..

well...brushing up ur english is not a crime...from here...i can really try putting my tots in english..every single word of it can be translated instantly....

while writing there anyone reading this nonsense?? huhu...pretty funny though..

just a tot..

well..this is what's been on my mind n i planned to write bout it long ago..but now i have time... i wanna share wit u guys...

soulmates... what does it means? it doesn't matter if it's ur fren or ur lover..
this is what soulmates means to me...

soulmates r the one when u have the hell of ur life

soulmates r the one pulling u up when u r falling down

soulmates r the one crying when something good happens to u

soulmates r the one crying when something bad happens to u

soulmates r the one who will say the mean truth

soulmates r the one who will b there when u r ugly

soulmates r the one who will think of u even when they r in their utmost happiness

even when we have the littlest house..they have the mansions..they will stick with us..

even when we gained 50kg more than we should..they will stick with us

even when our teeth is gone..they will stick with us no matter what

even when our face wrinkled like hell...they will stick with us

even when our body nearly folded in 3..they will stick with us

even when when our strength is gone..they will stick with us

perhaps when when lie in our coffin......
i think they will always think of us...........

and pray for us.... many of us has this kind of soulmates??
i would never know.....but im hoping to be somebody's soulmates n hope all the relationships with family,friends n my lover will actually turn out to be soulmates....

Jun 1, 2009

how to put humty dumpty together again??

these pics are my thesis area..the only outcrop of my place.. hahahha
maybe u think im stupid..but i dunno how to put it together...any idea??

well..yesterday.. ben,pau n falah joined me to kerau... i drove the car..
met kuzek, atong n dayat..
they helped me find samples in my area that i havent go yet..

me n abang lan at the railway tracks..

im damn tired!!!

May 25, 2009

oh!! customers of starbucks!!

i love working at it very much!!
the customers really is fun to watch n communicate with them..
a part from it, there's lots of things i experienced n i know i will never get it anywhere else.... huhuhuhu..but it's funny..huhuhu

#1: this guy around around 20's with a tattoo on his arm went into sbux n want to order.. with confidence....
guy: gimme an ice grande vodka..
me: huh? sorry sir but we dont serve alcohol.
guy: oh shit!(talking to himself) sorry,ice grande mocha

#2:fyi..people that have jusco card entitle for a 10% discounts.. so this one regular customer of my store. his drink is ice venti latte.. usually travelled to hong kong, china n taiwan..n also loves to go to sbux over there too..
one day he came to our store n he told me he just came back from taiwan.. i dunno what possessed him but...
ice venti latte guy: i wonder jusco card is not valid in taiwan..i showed it to them(partner in sbux in taiwan) but they said i cant get the 10% off....

this post will be edit again n again.. just have to find n try to remember the funny stuffs ive encountered!!

hectic life has been 3 weeks i didnt go back to my family...
its been hectic all the way...
playing games.. very hectic..

last week's stuff n activities:
meeting with dr thesis supervisor..his father has a same name as my dad's..taibs... huhuhuhu.. after that working on my thesis....

working closing shift at sbux... which i know later that lots of mistakes has been made from me... bcos it's been a long time since i did bar closing....
sbux info: for closing..2 partners will be splitting their works.. bar n cafe..
closing cafe: the outside of the food area..which means that have to sweep the floor..mop the floor, throw out the garbage, chain alls outside tables n chairs n etc.. (i always do this task if working closing..huhuhu..
closing bar: lots of things to do...
sanitize everything..wipe averything.....bla3..
bcoz closing bar is somehow not my expertise..i tend to forgot a few things... then my supervisor wrote it in our communication book..huhuhu.. but no heart feelings...

cant remember what time i woke up..but must b very early bcoz i have to send izya to class at 8am.. then straight away went to department n try to finish my viva.
cant remember what happened at day time except that i was very2 n super duper broke!! at nite, nenek called me n said she wanted to meet me... she's around sunway pyramid doing a course for a week here.. then she paid for my dinner.. arigato nenek! we went to asia cafe in ss15.. i now know that there's not so many halal stalls there..i only wanted chicken rice at that time but there's no halal chicken rice there.. pretty sad actually..huhu

friday: the viva..quite disturbing bcoz my thesis readers are scary!! huhuhu
but i just met only one of them.. prof wan hasiah... the other reader dr azhar didnt come..thank god!! did my thesis using surfer n sedlog softwares.. for the first time i successfully transfer my tracks from gps to surfer!! yatta!! i tot i wanna cry at first..huhuhu

saturday: closing shift in sbux at 2am and play games until 615am!!

sunday: woke up at 6.45am and straight away went to fetch seri n kuzek n went to farid's house. fieldwork in pahang.. that day was very hot n i was really sweating profusedly.. arrive in kl around 630pm n took a shower. then head on with ben to watch movie that ive been waiting for... angels n demons... but unfortunately... i slept n woke up around half of the story... hhaahahahahahahah..q


May 14, 2009

today is tanoshi day..

2days ago i tried to find fid.. but i forgot that she went back to slim river... i think that's y im having a bad day.. huhuhu
then today around 830am she called me... asking when will i go to our department..she's back... yatta!!
hehehe...i missed her....


hahaha...ok2..i always play pranks on her.. but she always put up a smile... i dunno where does she gets all the optimist from.. huhuhuhu
i also always making fun that im jealous with her n biha being so close... actually sum of it is true though...huhuhuhuhu...

waiting for seri to come.. we will try to finish our thin section... mine are 80% finish.. seri?? 10%!! hahahahaha..farid is quite okey...around 20%..

i started doing the thin section since january..but havent finish yet..lots of effort n patience have to be put to do them...huhuhu... the last step is the hardest step..

ok2..seri's here..huhuhu... the moment she entered, she tot i was jabir...a guy!! cis...